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Our philosophy is to create the perfect conditions for your best memories of the sea.

We created this place with precise attention to detail. We invite you to share our biography with you and have the most pleasurable time of rest.


To stay with us is to write your chapter in Autobiography


Whoever lives, leaves an imprint, that can’t be washed away by the waves.


Words, actions, thoughts, and dreams have their own place in Autobiography.

Our hotel is a place, where everyone’s story can get a fresh coat of paint: add the sea to your palette, open new horizons and change the way you look at things starting with your idea of a vacation.

It is a place of power for everyone, who is looking for it, and a place of relaxation for those, who need it.


Pleasure for the sake of pleasure

The hotel is situated in Zaliznyi Port, a place where the Black Sea washes a golden coast. It's 96 km away from Kherson city and 111 km from the Kherson International Airport. The average summer air temperature here is +25-28°С.


Taking care of your comfort

It all starts in the Autobiography, which has 46 design rooms, with a private balcony in each, where a busy day ends with colorful sunset colors and a glass of wine.

The hotel has everything you need for a story about a wonderful holiday. Spacious rooms with large and soft beds, minibar, wi-fi and flat-screen TV. Bathrooms with special attention to the arrival of vacationers are equipped with toiletries designed specifically for the hotel, with fluffy towels and bathrobes for the convenience of each guest.


Pleasure for pleasure

The hotel has a 15x9m pool, which is heated in cool weather, and a 4x6m children's pool area, so that your little one also has a place to splash.

There is also a private beach with sun loungers and a bar, a mini library, a lobby bar and a rooftop restaurant.

Autobiography combines attention to detail and comfort. Here you can feel comfortable staying yourself.

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